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What Is WIMPS?

WIMPS stands for Where Is My Public Servant?. It is a project run by and for young people. We started (way back in 2004!) with an idea - how do we make politics more relevant to young people? We decided one way of doing this was to remind politicians that they work for us - the citizens. We have created this space for young people like you to discuss and debate issues. We also want to do more - to get organised, to campaign and to bring our views directly to politicians and others, and to influence the decisions that affect our lives.

Who Are Public Servants?

We make sure they hear what we have to say in a number of ways:

What We Do

We have successfully targeted many issues that matter most to young people. We help young people hold decision-makers to account and help them understand what young people actually want.

We also focus attention on building the skills of our members - or as we call them - the PINEL Crew. We do this through regularly training them on how to:

This experience gives young people confidence and skills that help them in their everyday lives.

The WIMPS project is open to any young person who wants to get involved in our ever-changing programme. If we don't have a group near you, we will soon - or you can help us to set one up!