Pick of the Year “Suicide - Dealing with the Reality” Documentary 


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Posted on January 3rd



Suicide- Dealing with the Reality

WIMPS have been working on a film focusing on the issue of Suicide over the past year after research showed that the percentage of young people taking their own life has risen each year in Northern Ireland.  

"Suicide - Dealing with the Reality" speaks to young people and professionals on this emotional issue; it gives an over-view of the issues young people face in Northern Ireland and highlights the problems and reoccurring reasons why suicide is increasing year by year.
The documentary tells of the help and advice you can get in Northern Ireland from organisations we spoke to, reaching out that helping hand.  
This documentary is about raising awareness of the problems young people face and the everyday pressures which lead to suicide, an understanding of this issue and dealing with the reality.

WIMPS Belfast Crew projects are made possible through the support from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - PEACE III. 


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