18 -24 year olds hardest hit finding jobs 


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Posted on November 25th


Almost one in five young people in Northern Ireland are unable to find work.

Young people are in the hardest hit group in the workforce here.

The percentage of the Northern Ireland workforce aged 18 to 24 currently unemployed is 19.1% while the overall total is 7.3%. 
The figures were released earlier in November. The number of young people unemployed in the UK rose to more than 1 million in the three months up to September.
Now the UK government has announced a £1bn plan to provide subsidised work and training placements will "provide hope" to thousands of young people. But this does not apply to Northern Ireland.
Meanwhile BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat reports that the number of young entrepreneurs has jumped 15% in two years.
If someone under 25 starts their own business they have a one in three chance in surviving more than 3 years. Over 25 years old starts their own business there's a 50:50 chance of it surviving for more than 3 years, the website reports.
There is no doubt that it is devastating for a young person who can’t find a job. It’s bad for society as a whole. And starting a business can be a gamble, particularly if personal of family money is being sunk into it.
What do you think? Are our politicians really doing what they can? What do you want to see them do?

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Who you can contact

  • Stephen Farry MLA

    Stephen Farry MLA represents North Down constituency.

    Stephen Farry is currently Minister of Employment and Learning.

  • Arlene Foster MLA

    Arlene Foster represents Fermanagh and South Tyrone constituency at the Northern Ireland Assembly. Telephone number 02866320722

    Minister for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.


  • Sammy Wilson MLA

    Sammy Wilson represents East Antrim constituency at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

    Sammy Wilson is currently Minister of Deaprtment of Finance and Personnel

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